BFCS believes that education is key to healthy development and life success. 

Our education is an innovative learning support program is critical in improving learning outcomes now and even for the future. The Supplemental Education Support Program is intended to support the education process through after school support. In this current remote learning environment, our programming is adapted to be the present need for support during the regular school day for students, K-12. 

With remote learning, schools and teachers face challenges to make education equitable in this new environment. For many students, a lack of technological skills, distractions at home, and tense living conditions result in a loss of engagement and concentration during class, causing students to fall behind. BFCS offers a supportive and sustainable solution to these challenges. Our Supplemental Education Support Program provides trained facilitators or coaches in a classroom setting for students who are in the remote learning environment. Students are able to participate in our program, without disrupting their enrollment in their present school district. Every student is able to maintain social relationships with friends in their home-school through their existing on-line learning environment, while receiving classroom instruction, social/emotional support and social service resources to serve their family's needs better. 

Connect and stay connected. We give students and families video, written instruction, one-on-one tutorial zoom or in-person to access and use the designated digital platform, i.e. (Google Classrooms, Microsoft Teams, Zoom). 

Collaborate, communicate, create. The BFCS support team will collaborate and communicate with educators to gain shared access to students' class schedules, homework assignments, grades, feedback on activities, videos, online lessons and lectures, and; learning assessments to devise a plan to better support the student's needs. 

BFCS's program model consists of:

  • Daily check-ins and daily or weekly check-outs: The check-ins effectively foster, build and maintain relationships between students and staff. It will provide a space to share what they're up to and how they feel. It gives educators and support staff feedback on the effectiveness of what we're doing and how to identify students who may need additional personalized help

  • Daily or weekly check-outs will allow students to reflect nohow the day or week went

  • Tutor Time: (individually or in a group via zoom or Google Meet). After daily check-ins and check-outs, tutor time will allow support staff to provide feedback and check for completed homework assignments, activities and other tasks assigned by teachers before they are uploaded or submitted for grading. 

The critical components of each of tases programs provide students with the ability to:

  • Adopt self-regulation skills to manage their behaviors and emotions

  • Think optimistically

  • Utilize self-management skills

  • Improve decision making

  • Build healthy relationships amongst peers and adults

  • Take personal responsibility 

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