Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) is an intervention level of foster care, which provides care in a family setting and behavior modification services to children in need. 

Try to imagine being a child who is placed in the care of someone outside of your parents. Though sometimes necessary, this can still be a traumatic experience. Sometimes these children in care need extra nurturing, support and resources. That is where Therapeutic Foster Care becomes an option. Therapeutic homes provide a level of care for children and adolescents who require more intensive treatment and supervision than is usually found in traditional foster home or group homes.

BFCS believes it truly does take a village to raise a child. Our trusted Therapeutic Foster Care providers are a part of that village that provides safe and healthy home environments for children, ages 3-17 years old. Children are placed in family home settings with foster families specifically trained to nurture and support them while addressing behavioral challenges. Effective interventions for these youth are multidimensional and implemented in the home, at school and in the community. Therapeutic Foster Parents assist as part of a behavioral treatment team for children and adolescents with extensive emotional or behavioral health needs. 

Our services and support provided by  the program are tailored with respect for the cultural, ethnic, racial and social differences of the children and families we serve. We utilize a collaborative approach meeting best practice standards in trauma-responsive, inclusive and culturally competent care.  

BFCS Therapeutic Foster Care Services provide a comprehensive program that includes:

  • A comprehensive orientation

  • Pre-services Training classes

  • Advanced professional training

  • Ongoing support groups and resources for providers

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