Holding Hands

BFCS offers outpatient behavioral health services that are tailored to meet the needs of our community. 


We understand that behavioral health issues can be very bit as debilitating as a physical illness. At BFCS, you will experience an unparalleled commitment and experience to help individuals through their life challenges. 

The skilled team at BFCS includes highly experienced therapists, counselors, behavior coaches, social workers and other behavioral health professionals who specialize in working with children and adults. Our multidisciplinary behavioral health team combines their professional and lived experience to offer compassionate care to our clients. 




Our goal is to help people before they have a behavioral health crisis by quickly stabilizing them, then continue to support them on their journey to healing for an improved quality of life. 




Our General Counseling Program provides a full range of outpatient behavioral health services that is individualized for children, adults and/or families. Services are tailored to meet individuals needs and overcome a wide range of behavioral, emotional or relationship obstacles. 

Services available through our counseling program include:

  • Assessment and diagnosis

  • Individual, family and group counseling

  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

  • Psychological consultation

  • Case management and support

  • In home coaching

  • Support groups



Our Family Enhancement Program is a community-based, family centered program that is designed to help families stay together. This program not only works with the child but with the entire family by providing them with direct support services, support and resources to address behavioral, emotional, developmental needs of the child along with appropriate parenting training. 

These services can be provided directly in the home, school, community and is designed to meet the unique needs of the child and their family. 

Services include:

  • In-Home coaching

  • Family support

  • Living Skills training

  • Parenting training

  • Social Skills training

  • Community resources




Our Substance Abuse Counseling focuses on stopping or reducing drug use, adherence to a recovery plan, and addressing related areas of impaired functioning, such as employment status, illegal activity and conflicts in family and social relationships


Since people with substance abuse problems often have a co-occurring mental disorder, an integrated approach is used for screening, assessment and subsequent interventions that are consistent with diagnosis, and match levels of functioning and care. 

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